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SWIRL is Jimmy Vasilopolous on acoustic guitar and Alan Johnson on hand drums and various percussion.  Both musicians are native to the New York/Connecticut area.

The name SWIRL captures the band’s sound – a blend of Mediterranean influences as interpreted by skilled pop/rock musicians.  SWIRL also aptly describes the passionate and romantic wave of sound, melody and rhythm that envelopes listeners.

SWIRL was born during an impromptu rehearsal in the duo’s home studio in 2007.  The choice of traditional instruments – a classical guitar and an assortment of African and Egyptian hand drums, shakers and percussive ‘things’ – was the only pre-determined factor.  An hour later the duo had a clear musical direction – six hours later they had melodies and working arrangements, all undergirded by a chemistry formed over a decade of gigs and shared stages in rock bands.  The organic, fast flowing writing that night birthed themes that remain permanent parts of the SWIRL musical tapestry.

Jimmy and Alan are not ordinary musicians.  The duo format gives each player total control and creative freedom.  Johnson does double duty – his ambidextrous playing of two different instruments faithfully reproduces the sound of two percussionist at work: the thunderous, deep bass tone driven by  Johnson’s huge left hand on an African Djembe drum while his right inexplicably plays a completely different shaker or tambourine part.

Jimmy Vasilopoulos has total control over his instrument, sensitively executing delicate passages on a Beatle-esque ballad or ferociously striking full chords during a Spanish-influenced dance song.  At other times Jimmy plays his guitar as though it is a percussion instrument, pounding on the guitar’s body in synch with Alan’s beats on the drum. Jimmy’s guitar strides wide dynamic changes, soaring melodies and drifting ballads.

SWIRL writes and plays their own music, and the chemistry emanating from the two musicians is apparent. This is good music and the right timing.

And, by all acounts they’re two very nice guys.